The Lagos Church Programme Poster That Has Got Everyone Angry

Kunbi Oyelese wedding

The Lagos Church Programme Poster That Has Got Everyone Angry.

Kunbi Oyelese wedding

Kunbi Oyelese wedding

Churches are a dime a dozen especially in Lagos; literally everywhere you turn. And so are their very many programmes. And they have programmes for almost everything.

So when a church, Family Booster Ministries, released promotional materials for a ‘Singles & Married Conference’, it didn’t really seem out of the ordinary.

The controversial poster

Until some people looked closer at the poster and noticed things that are disturbing and annoying to them.

For example, smack in the middle there are two pictures of females juxtaposed against each other. The first on the left shows a lady posing for a selfie in what looks like a bathroom like most ladies do with caption ‘Dating Material’. The second on the right shows a lady dressed in a drab floral print in a traditional kitchen with the caption ‘Wife Material’.

The Lagos Church Programme Poster That Has Got Everyone Angry

The Lagos Church Programme Poster That Has Got Everyone Angry

Of course, many took offence to what they deemed as misogynist and perpetrating a stereotype.

See Comments and Reaction below;

This poster is very insulting!! Very condescending !!
Another way to shame women ND put them in boxes

— Lolo (@Lolo_cy) September 8, 2016

If you don’t sit on that kitchen ‘ijoko’ and cook on a very low stove, you’re not wife material. I didn’t make the rules.

— Pepisko D. Pepeye (@MissIgho) September 8, 2016

“dating material Vs Wife material ” ..of course the wife material is the one in the kitchen..

— Lolo (@Lolo_cy) September 8, 2016

If marriage is reward for “good behaviour” as these ppl imply, why is d wife material always depicted as one suffering or managing poverty?

— Chinenyemakunuba (@cremechic11) September 8, 2016

The supposed “wife material” looks like she’s doing Juju! I think I’ll purchase the dating material Thxz

— Raphael Christopher (@Raphael2kriss) September 8, 2016

Can’t believe I’ve spent my whole adult life thinking I’m wife material when I’m only clearly dating material and a thot.

— Femme Forte (@KingSweetiee) September 8, 2016

Rather have the booty and waist of dating material girl.

— KafKaf (@Sisi_Eko15) September 8, 2016

The church organising the program was unavailable for comment.

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