Drake Is Brags ‘NON-STOP’ About Jennifer Lopez’s ‘BOOTY’ To Friends

Drake Is Brags ‘NON-STOP’ About Jennifer Lopez’s ‘BOOTY’ To Friends

Drake Is Brags ‘NON-STOP’ About Jennifer Lopez’s ‘BOOTY’ To Friends


Drake and Jennifer Lopez have been flirting up a storm, and he’s apparently already been bragging to his friends about how he’s going to date her. Drake can’t get enough of JLo’s famous figure, and he reportedly can’t help but talk about it nonstop!
Drake definitely wants to date [Jennifer Lopez]. He’s had a crush on her for a long time and he’s pulling out all the stops to woo her,” a source told Life & Style Magazine.
“He talks nonstop about her voluptuous booty to his friends. He’s always had a thing for older women, and he plans to wine and dine her until she can’t resist him.”
Talk about confidence! Drake, 30, hasn’t been subtle about his lust for Jennifer, 47. He’s been a constant fixture at her sexy All I Have show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, and he always looks like he’s thoroughly enjoying himself in the audience. He gets to see her shake that famous butt up close and on stage!
The duo have been publicly expressing their affection for each other on Instagram, still under the pretense that they’re just friends. It sure doesn’t seem like it, though! In their most recent photo together, which JLo posted to Instagram on December 28, Drake has his arms wrapped around her tightly, looking into the camera as they snuggle sweetly.
It appears that his wooing techniques are working! Further evidence that they’re actually dating come with his ex, Rihanna, unfollowing JLo on social media. It could be a coincidence, or could be an indication that she’s not happy with Jenny From the Block!
However, you keep your fingers cross because we will surely get you updated with the latest of this romance.

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