Charlotte Police Release Video Of Keith Scott Shooting

Charlotte Police Release Video Of Keith Scott ShootingCharlotte Police Release Video Of Keith Scott Shooting

Charlotte Police Release Video Of Keith Scott Shooting

Aljazeera Report;

Police in North Carolina have released video footage of the fatal shooting of Keith Scott, the 43-year-old father of seven whose killing sparked days of protests in the North Carolina city and reignited rage over the use of lethal force against black men.

A dashboard camera from a police car shows Scott, killed on Tuesday, exiting his car and backing away from it. Police shout to him to drop the gun, but it is not clear that he has anything in his hand. Then shots break out and Scott drops to the ground.

A second body camera video from an officer does not show the moment of the shooting. It shows Scott outside his vehicle before he is shot, but it is not clear whether he has something in his hand. Then the officer moves and Scott is out of view until he is seen on the ground.

Prior to releasing the footage, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney told reporters on Saturday that evidence showed that Scott was in possession of a handgun during the confrontation. He also said that Scott was in possession of marijuana at the time.

“The footage itself will not create in anyone’s mind absolute certainty as to what this case represents and what the outcome should be,” said Putney, who described the videos as supporting other evidence, rather than being standalone proof.

Police said the videos were released for the sake of transparency, and initially live tweeted details about the footage. But suddenly, the tweets were deleted from the police department’s account – followed later by an announcement from the same account that “an employee, uncomfortable with decision to live tweet, deleted all of @cmpd’s tweets. That should not have happened. Retweeting them now.”

After watching the released footage, Joe Cox, a military veteran in Charlotte, described the police’s behaviour as “really aggressive”.

“His wife was talking to him, trying to calm him down and trying to calm down the police at the same time … It seems the police just escalated the situation,” he told Al Jazeera.

Charlotte video: ‘Don’t shoot, he has no weapon’

He said the video had not convinced him to believe the police account of events.

“I didn’t see him with a gun in his hand,” Cox said.

Watch Footage Of The First Video;

Watch Footage Of The Second Video;
Charlotte Police Release Video Of Keith Scott Shooting

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