Apple Just Announced The Iphone 7 And Nigerians Have A Lot To Say About It

Apple Just Announced The IPHONE 7 And Nigerians Have A Lot To Say About It

Apple Just Announced The Iphone 7 And Nigerians Have A Lot To Say About It.

The new iPhone 7 and airpods

Apple has announced the new iPhone 7 and the gadget has sparked humourous reactions from Nigerians.

As usual, the price gets our attention

Apple iPhone 7 – $649 = N259,600
Ear pods – $159 = N63,000
N259,600 + N63,000 = N323,200

Me right now:

— Lord of the Memes (@dejazimako007) September 7, 2016

These iPhone 7 Airpods (N64k) are more expensive than the phone i’m using right now

— Iseunife The First (@Shawnife_) September 7, 2016

South African Visa/Return Ticket.


Christmas is coming! @OccupyNaija: The new iPhone 7 is 400k!

I mean 400 Fucking K!!!”

— Ezeus Maximus. (@chivaneze) September 7, 2016

iPhone 7 #400k

Only if the alarm can wake the whole Nigeria

— Oluwadamilola® (@Denock__) September 7, 2016

Iphone 7 – 400k+
Native doctors –

— Afro (@IamAFRO) September 7, 2016

Then there are the obstacles you must overcome to get it

I want to dream of iPhone 7, but married man and permission from wifey and family goals and bills and debts. Sigh..

— ToluAyeni | @NerveIT (@TolulopeAyeni) September 8, 2016

Me:iPhone 7 is so cool,I should get it.
Bank Acct: Respect Yourself.
iphone 7: You have Two Kidneys,sell One,Too much of Everything is Bad.

— Ajala Jalingo (@UNCLE_AJALA) September 8, 2016

Recession observing Nigerians buying the iPhone 7 like

— His Royal Kingliness (@Zeem_O) September 7, 2016

Nigerians: iPhone 7 doesn’t look bad
Nigerian Economy:

— Kwasize (@Mr_kwabe) September 7, 2016

For those nigerians who really need the iPhone 7 / 7 plus and want to avoid EFCC probing

— Dolamu (@Dollyo) September 7, 2016


— (@chuuzus) September 7, 2016

… and the obstacles to overcome when you get it

See as Nigerians are tweeting about the iPhone 7 like they will not use Power Bank on it.

— I’M LEGIT (@Legit9ja) September 7, 2016

You will accidentally break someone’s iPhone 7 screen you will now use 1year rent to fix it

— Chukwuemeka (@cchemazu) September 8, 2016

But no weapon fashioned against me and you shall prosper

And Bobrisky will still first us to use iPhone 7 now.. This life eh

— Shkodran Damilöla (@Mr_Dami_) September 7, 2016

I trust Nigerians, after shouting recession, you’ll see iPhone 7 here before October

— Aimee Al-fayeed (@HRBadness) September 7, 2016


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